Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hello again,
Although I know its only 1 pm and most of my progress comes nearer the evening, I just wanted to post the image I've been promising all week. This is the latest results of my quest from Treasure Trooper, so that I can prove to you all that it actually does work. I've done 4-5 offers per day, which total to about 20 minutes of my time, and I've made $25.85 from that alone. My referrals have been great, and since I've been helping them, they've made over $181.20. Now you may be looking at the number of referrals compared to the amount of money made, and it may seem low, but that's only because they haven't all done as much as they could. Only about 10 are active right now, so that means they've each made about $18.12 in the past week, which is pretty good for new members. You can also see the gold coins and pearls you get for completing offers, which allow you to go on treasure hunts to make more money or get more referrals. Like I said, if you sign up under me, I'll send you an email detailing how to make your first $25 or $30 depending on how much I reach as of Monday after my exam. Anyways, my total is now $147.09 after 7 days.