Saturday, May 06, 2006

Okay so much to talk about today!

So I did some more offers, bringing my own total up to $21.10, which is great, and my referrals have completed $175.50!!!! That gives me $56.20 total, an amazing amount in only 5 days!!!

I also got the cash for the Party Poker account and I only need to play 60 more hands to make my extra $25 for a total of $75 there! I'm playing cautious most of the time, so its looking pretty good. I'm also joining a referral programme for that, so if anyone wants to play poker and get free money for their deposits, just leave a comment and I'll send the link!

Also, I'm sending out the email to my referrals from Treasure Trooper. I'm up to 76 level 1 Referrals, with 3 Level 2s. That's amazing!

My total is now $126.20 in 5 days!! And this blog has had over 250 unique visitors in just 5 days! So thank you to you all!